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Safari Could be the Next to Enable WebAuthn Logins

Although experimental support does not guarantee it will happen, Apple has shown considerable interest in joining the likes of Microsoft and Google with using WebAuthn. Web Authentication uses a process known as Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP), which in turn uses FIDO keys to develop public and private crypto keys for websites to authenticate. Several Apple employees are a part of WebAuthn working group and added support for USB-based CTAP2 in their Safari Technology Preview release 71. WebAuthn not only allows for password-less logins, it also helps aid two-factor authentication by not giving users the option to pick their passwords. This reduces the risk for getting compromised in a breach and becoming a victim in a phishing attempt.

Analyst Notes

Since this has not been put in to place yet, users should continue following news that pertains to a release date for Apple. Until then, users should continue to pick strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication as this is the best current method in securing.