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Selling Botnet Lessons on the Dark Web

Dark web forums are now offering lessons to teach aspiring cyber criminals how to make money using botnets. Researchers at Recorded Future analyzed the advertisements on prominent forums and discovered that there is a significant interest, which is an indicator of this threat increasing over time.

The lessons are being offered virtually in a classroom-like setting by teachers who operate their own botnets. The courses have been structured to teach students everything they need to know to build, maintain, and profit from the botnet. The botnet course has gained credibility with good reviews and has earned the trust of the criminal community.

Attendance numbers have yet to be determined. However, based on the reviews on the dark web, classes appear to be well-attended despite the starting course amount of $1,400.

Analyst Notes

As botnets remain a significant threat and appear to be gaining momentum with criminal courses like these, it is important to follow best practices to avoid becoming a victim. Use strong passwords, keep all endpoints updated with security patches, don’t open any suspicious email links or attachments, and keep antivirus software updated.