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State Bank of India (SBI) Reports Duplicate Website

Customers at the State Bank of India (SBI) were warned of a new campaign being carried out that involves attackers creating a web page that looks identical to that of the real bank website. The domain, http://www.onlinesbi[.]digital, requests users to change their password or update other account information when it is visited. At this time, it is unknown how many customers may have been affected, but the bank is asking anyone who comes across the site to email [email protected] and [email protected] if they come across the fake site.

Analyst Notes

Fake websites can be a rewarding tool for criminals looking to solicit information from unsuspecting customers. Companies should actively monitor for registration of domain names that are similar to their brand name or actual website domain name. Monitoring new domain name registrations helps companies identify duplicate websites that could be used to trick customers into entering passwords or other sensitive information. Domain names that are similar to a company’s legitimate domain have also been used by attackers to trick employees into entering their passwords on fake login pages and for malware command and control servers to blend into legitimate network traffic. Binary Defense offers Counterintelligence monitoring services to detect suspicious domain registrations and fake websites, as well as other threats to clients’ brand, data or physical safety.