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Taiwan to Host Cyber-warfare Defense Exercises

Taiwan: In an effort to better combat the numerous cyber-attacks that Taiwan is seeing, they are set to host a meeting in November in which approximately 15 countries will join to work on their cyber-defense capabilities. The exercises will be similar to the ones that are performed every two years at the Cyber Storm event held by the US Department of Homeland Security. Taiwan’s main focus will be testing the government employees’ responses to phishing emails and fake SMS messages, which are the most common ways attackers target and gain access to government entities. The exercises will also look at the responses from the private and public sectors to attacks being launched by a foreign government. The main goal is to have the other countries try to attack Taiwan–targeting social engineering, critical infrastructure, and financial institutions. These simulated attacks will help Taiwanese officials understand where their biggest security risks lie and at the end of the exercises the government hopes that they will be able better protect themselves in the wake of the increased attacks that they are seeing