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Tensions in Kashmir Heat Up and Increase Risk of Cyber-Attack

Tensions in Kashmir have begun to boil over again this week as four Indian policemen have been killed and 16 policemen and their families have been kidnapped.  These attacks were in response to Indian security forces burning down the homes of anti-Indian militants who attacked Indian security forces earlier in the week.  Tensions in Kashmir are nothing new and have come in waves of escalation and de-escalation for decades, but targeted attacks on Indian security forces at home and targeting their families is new for the anti-Indian forces.  India will likely make a strong push back against the anti-Indian militants in an attempt to scare them into not targeting families again.  If there is an escalation on the Indian side of the conflict, it is likely that anti-Indian and Pakistani hackers will take advantage of the escalation to justify carrying out attacks against Indian government systems as well as pushing anti-Indian propaganda online.