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Tesla Model S Key Fob Hack

Although being well-shielded against cyber-attacks towards its driving system, researchers have found a process that allows for the remote hack of a Tesla within two seconds. Operating out of Belgium, the group of researchers was able to decipher the encryption used in the Model S key fob. With a combination of $600 worth of computing and radio equipment in the likes of a Yard Stick One radio, a Proxmark radio, and a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, the group was able to replicate the key fob and test it. It worked. They found that Tesla uses a 40-bit cipher to encrypt their fobs, which led them to create a six terabyte table that listed all the feasible keys for the code pairs. Tesla was made aware of this fault, was quick to enhance the encryption and even made a PIN option available for an added sense of security. McLaren, Karma, and Triumph were also contacted since they purchased their technology from the same vendor, but they have ignored the claims. The team of researchers was paid a $10,000 bounty and Tesla even plans to insert their names into their Hall of Fame