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Thedarkoverlord Posts Warning for 2019

Thedarkoverlord made a cryptic post online this weekend which contained several screenshots of documents that they claim to have stolen from one of their “clients.”  A number of the documents were redacted in order to hide the “client’s” identity; however, they did warn that if their “clients” were unhappy with the release that they had already been provided more than the customary 24 hours to respond to thedarkoverlord ransom demand.  The released documents were only a preview of what they were planning to release.  In their post, they claimed that if the entirety of the breach ends up being released that it would be the most significant news of 2019 and would likely be the most significant breach of the century.  Several of the breached documents make references to meetings with government officials from the FAA, FBI, and retired Senators to discuss security concerns.  A number of the documents also refence employees of both Delta and United Airlines, as well as references to what is believed to possibly be Lloyds Bank.  Thedarkoverlord is not known to make idle threats.

Analyst Notes

While it is possible that they may be exaggerating the scope of the breach, it is likely that the breach will still be significant based off what has been shared already.