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Triout Spyware

Triout is a new powerful Android spyware that can record phone calls, secretly steal photos and videos, determine the location of a user, and monitor text messages. The spyware has been active since at least May of this year and is disguised as an app called “Sex Game.” The app was on the Google Play Store in 2016 but was removed. However the repackaged version of the app is still signed with an authentic Google Debug Certificate. Triout is very stealthy and turns the infected device into a power surveillance tool. The spyware records every phone call as a media file and will send the caller ID along with the Audio to the attacker along with logging information about each and every text message. If the victim takes a picture, Triout will send a copy of the photo to the attacker with GPS coordinates of the victim at any given time. It is unknown how many the times app was downloaded or how it is distributed, but it is believed that the app is delivered to a victim via third-party market places. It is unclear who is behind the spyware, but it is believed that this is an espionage campaign.