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U.S. Department of Justice Bring Charges Against Chinese National for Anthem Breach

U.S. prosecutors announced that they are bringing charges against a Chinese national for his alleged involvement in the data breach of the health insurance firm Anthem. The breach, which was announced in 2015, resulted in the theft of nearly 79 million records. Only one person has been named so far, although they are believed to have been acting as part of a larger Chinese threat actor group and not on their own. Fujie Wang, 32, is being charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, identity theft, and computer hacking. The group is also believed to have breached three other companies at the same time, which have yet to be named. All that has been revealed at this time is that one was a tech company, one was a “basic materials firm,” and a communications firm. As with many attacks by Chinese threat actors, the group infiltrated Anthem months before any data was exfiltrated. Fujie Wang’s current location is not known but he is wanted the FBI.

Analyst Notes

If Fujie Wang is not currently located in China, he will likely be recalled to China soon before the FBI is able to take him into custody.