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Union Labor Life Insurance Suffers Phishing Attack Impacting Nearly 87,400 Patients

Ullico Inc. disclosed a breach that occurred on April 1st, 2019 after an employee responded to a phishing email. The email came through as a message from a known business partner and contained a link that was then opened by the employee who received it. The link took the employee to a malicious file sharing site that asked for login credentials to be provided, to which the employee obliged. Once this was done, the attacker had full access to the email account and were able to obtain sensitive information. This information included plan member names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and personal health information of the individuals and their family members. Ullico Inc. quickly responded and was able to have the compromised email account shut down within 90 minutes. The employee also had their computer removed from the company’s network. Investigations have already begun, and patients are being notified.

Analyst Notes

Recommendation: Ullico Inc. has offered the affected patients 24 months of credit monitoring and identity protection monitoring for free so users should be quick to jump on that offer. Increased awareness of suspicious activity on any accounts that are connected is heavily advised as other malicious activity could be carried out with the information that was obtained.