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United States Inferring That Iran is Behind Attacks on Saudi Arabian Oil Fields

Iran: Over the weekend, over 5% of the Global oil supply was impacted when oil fields in Saudi Arabia were targeted in a drone attack. Although claimed by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen, Iran has denied its involvement in the attacks or any knowledge of them. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran over the weekend for the attacks but did not provide any evidence as to why he was blaming them. President Trump did not directly call out Iran as the culprit but did elude to the use of military force once the attackers were known. Intelligence that was released shows that the attack was launched from the west-northwest direction, which is not the direction of the Houthi controlled territory in Yemen, which is southwest of the oil fields that were attacked. However, Houthi rebels in Yemen have been known to launch drones at largely populated areas of Saudi Arabia. With already being known for launching in Saudi Arabia, the rebels have the ability to carry out the attacks. Iraq assured the United States that the attacks were not launched from their territory, which Pompeo believes to be true. The United States has their eyes set on Iran being behind these attacks, but other countries may not be so sure or quick to jump on the bandwagon. The UK stated that it was too early to tell who was behind the attacks, and that needed to be figured out before any action against the attackers is taken. Oil prices spiked since the attacks but seem to be coming down. Attacks like these cause a massive spike in oil, which affects most countries. After the spike, Trump authorized the release of the US reserves to keep US oil prices low. With the US being so quick to blame Iran in these attacks, it will put pressure on the tension between the US and Iran.

Analyst Notes

Typically, in times like these with tensions rising, there can be an increase in cyber-attacks between the two countries. Whether they are trying to collect information or compromise systems, it is possible we will begin to see them.