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Detecting the Undetectable: Linux Rootkits

2022 has seen a handful of new or resurfaced Linux rootkits, often touted as “highly stealthy” or “nearly undetectable”. But are they really?  

In this webinar, Jace Walker, Threat Hunter/Researcher at Binary Defense, will: 

  • Walk through different potential detection methods that incident responders can use to decloak or identify common types of Linux rootkits 
  • Show you clues to look for using Symbiote, OrBit, and Syslogk as examples 
  • Share some suggested methods for removing Rootkits once they’re found 

About the Presenter

Jace Walker

Jace Walker is a Threat Hunter/Researcher at Binary Defense. In this role, he researches emerging threats, reverse engineers malware, crafts behavioral detections and performs data-backed hunts in enterprise environments. Jace comes from nearly a decade in Linux system administration, automation, and hardening at a municipal fiber ISP.