Security Information & Event Management

Meet compliance standards*, and recognize and respond to incidents.

With our Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service, we will work with your current SIEM technology or bring the SIEM technology along with our service.

Our team has the ability to implement a new SIEM and manage every aspect or take over and ensure your SIEM infrastructure is running and managed appropriately.

Monitor your existing SIEM 24/7 via our Security Operations Center (SOC)
Replace existing SIEM infrastructure or implement a new SIEM if one doesn’t exist and manage all aspects of the SIEM including use case development, health checks, monitoring, and more
Replace existing endpoint software with our proprietary world-class Endpoint Detection & Response Platform

*Supports Regulatory Compliance when utilizing AlienVault

AlienVault Global Partner of the Year
Binary Defense led the AT&T Cybersecurity global partner community by identifying, architecting and delivering managed security services to a record number of customers.
AlienVault Partner of the Year

Managed SIEM Solutions

We can improve your cybersecurity and simultaneously give you time back in your day to focus on your key initiatives.

Offloads your IT Team
Analytic tuning, review, and validation
Constant SIEM tuning
SIEM deployment and deployment consulting
SIEM health check
SIEM solutions monitoring
Monitoring and tuning for:
“The SOC and other members of the Binary Defense team are hyper responsive to us.”

CIO for a mid-size Professional Services Firm

We integrate with some of the best-in-class technology.
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Proven in complex enterprise environments
Improve your cybersecurity by utilizing our Security Operations Center (SOC). This team of dedicated security analysts will detect and analyze advanced attack patterns and alert you of these malicious threats as soon as they are identified. These highly trained analysts will quickly set up and integrate into any existing network environment.
We work with your team on understanding your environment and what is most important to you and establish customized escalation procedures to facilitate effective communication.
The Process
The Binary Defense team provides detection and response every second of every minute of every day. Our security analysts are trained to understand and identify what real indicators of compromise are and how they can negatively impact your business. This experience gives us enhanced visibility and knowledge to detect and address rapidly evolving threats through our Security Operations Center.
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SIEM Management
Binary Defense engineers can integrate into any type of SIEM infrastructure and replace endpoint protection software. We have a large selection of preexisting use cases, detection capabilities, and the ability to write custom connectors depending on data sources.
Our patent-pending systems have your back, from utilizing our unrivaled systems to detect next-gen breaches to partnering with the best hackers and hunters in the world at our Security Operations Center.
Deliver day-one detection with our use cases and shared collective understanding of attackers
Build additional detection measures into your existing or new SIEM infrastructure
Analysis of suspicious behavioral patterns
Monitor your security systems and identify vulnerabilities
Controlled SIEM deployment test environment phase

Binary Defense SIEM Overview

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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
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We are technology-agnostic, which means we are never obsolete and always ahead of the game. Our team has the ability to implement a new Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and manage every aspect or take over and ensure your SIEM infrastructure is running and managed appropriately.