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Healthcare Industry

Keep your electronic health records and patient data secure.

Healthcare Breaches Cost More Than Any Other Industry

The healthcare industry has prime information for hackers in the form of personal patient info (known as protected health information, or PHI). Just one basic patient record can fetch several hundred dollars on the dark web—a fully-populated record, even more. In 2019, a single attack impacted over 300,000 patient records, and overall, close to 35 million patient records were exposed in the US alone.

Healthcare organizations are obligated by law to keep PHI secure—which can be a daunting task when multiple systems throughout a health network can access patient data. Next generation attacks, including phishing and ransomware attacks, can infiltrate patient record systems and IoT devices to steal PHI.

Binary Defense protects healthcare organizations of all sizes by offering scalable cybersecurity solutions to shield against internal and external threats across your environment. We provide 24x7x365 monitoring, so your team can spend less time focused on cybersecurity and more time on delivering the best care for your patients.

Number of days on average it takes for a healthcare organization to detect a breach


Current active HIPAA security breaches under investigation


Security Challenges in Healthcare

Many healthcare organizations are juggling a multitude of security-related duties, including investigating incidents from the multitude of data access points across a facility. Binary Defense SOC-as-a-Service can be an extension of your security team, helping to centralize the alarms and ease your workload, enabling you to focus on other areas that demand attention.

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Healthcare and Cybersecurity: Patient Data Highly Coveted by Cybercriminals

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctor and dentist’s offices, are often targeted by hackers because patient data can provide a huge payday on criminal forums. Further, healthcare organizations are obligated by law to keep that data private.

Our Solutions

Managed Detection & Response

Patient data can be accessed and stored on a variety of endpoints. Our lightweight software secures your laptops, workstations and servers.

Security Information & Event Management

Offload the burden of SIEM monitoring from your in-house IT team. We deploy, monitor and tune your SIEM for complete, enterprise protection.


Our Counterintelligence team hunts of cyber threats aimed your healthcare organization, including physical attacks that could threaten staff and patient safety.

Compliance Standards

The rise in cyberattacks and wire fraud across financial institutions is growing, and regulators are taking notice. We help our clients adhere to strict industry compliance standards including PCI, GLBA and NIST.

Know Your Risk

Cybersecurity remains a top concern for the healthcare industry.

Breaches cost health organizations an average of $6.45 million per breach

Close to 40 million patient records were exposed in 2019 due to data breaches

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Binary Defense provides complete protection for your organization.

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4,984 intrusions prevented on average per day