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Retail Industry

Protect your customers, your revenue and your brand.

Protect Your Brand From Cyberattacks

As retailers rely more heavily of technology and digital records, hackers have zeroed in on those businesses to steal personal data and credit card information. As cyberattacks increase in volume and become more sophisticated, small retailers are not immune from these threats. With one data breach, your customers, your revenue stream and your brand image can be irreparably damaged.

At Binary Defense, we protect your business from cyberattacks. Our cybersecurity solutions include Managed Detection and Response, Security Information and Event Management, and Counterintelligence.

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24x7x365 Monitoring

Complete cybersecurity protection takes a team of real people detecting real threats in real time. Through our Security Operations Center, we provide our clients with a team of dedicated security analysts to monitor, detect and contain threats on their network — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Solutions

Managed Detection & Response

Our proprietary, cloud-based platform secures your endpoints (workstations and servers), adding another layer of protection and greater visibility to your network.

Security Information & Event Management

While financial institutions value cybersecurity, they often lack the time and in-house resources needed to manage their system, write attack rules, comb through logs and respond to alerts. Our team will deploy, monitor and tune your SIEM.


Our Counterintelligence team hunts for threats before they strike. We scour the Clearnet, Darknet and social media to find and investigate attacks targeting the financial services industry, your financial institution, customer data and key members of your team.

Compliance Standards

The rise in cyberattacks and wire fraud across financial institutions is growing, and regulators are taking notice. We help our clients adhere to strict industry compliance standards including PCI, GLBA and NIST.