Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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Active Shooter: Indication of a potential shooter situation relating to the company.

Arson: Indication of a potential arson situation relating to the company.

Bomb Threat:  Indication of a bomb threat or a potential bomb threat relating to the company or similar location.

Brand Image: Indication of a potential event that could bring negative attention to the company, its brand or image.

Compromised Assets: Indications that a malicious person has access to company sensitive assets.

Disgruntled Employee: Indication that a person is unhappy with the company and might act upon it.

Employee Negligence: Indication of an employee exhibiting negligence on a public forum.

External OPSEC Failures:  Non-employees discussing proprietary information publicly.

Fraud:  Indication of fraud or potential fraud relating to the company.

Internal OPSEC Failures:  Employees discussing proprietary information publicly.

Kidnapping:  Anyone making a threat to take someone away illegally by force.

Menacing:  Notifications of any potential persistent actions that could negatively affect the company.

Physical Threat to Employee:  Indication that a person or persons intend to inflict physical harm on a company employee.

Property Destruction:  Indication of property destruction or potential property destruction relating to the company.

Protesting:  Indication of any protests or potential protests relating to the company.

Robbery: Indication that a malicious person or persons have or intend to take from a company by force.

Sexual Harassment:  Sexual harassment towards a person associated with the company.

Slander: Notification of any occurrences of Slander towards the company.

Stalking:  Someone making threats by pursuing or approaching the client without the client’s knowledge. An example of this would be someone driving past the client’s house taking pictures and posting them online.

Theft:  Indication that a malicious person or persons have or intend to take from a company.

Threats to Clients:  Threats to known clients of the company.

Threats to Industry:  Threats to the industry of the company.