Outsmart Your Enemy

Your data is your livelihood.
Safeguard it with Threat Intelligence.


See Attackers Before They Strike

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence provides best-in-business attack data and indispensable early warning indicators.

We utilize Artillery, our open-source and widely deployed early warning indication system, to provide advanced breach warnings.  Artillery is deployed globally, and the best part? We make tracking these threats simple so that you can focus on what matters – your business.

Your security defense mechanisms are operating at full-mast. Add offensive, efficient security measures to make your cyberspace as safe as possible.

Think smart. Think proactively. Think Binary Defense Threat Intelligence.

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence Overview Document

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence Overview Document

Threat Monitoring

Real-Time, Unmatched
Threat Intelligence

Superior threat intelligence so you can get stay one step ahead.

Here’s how:

  • Advanced threat warnings notifications
  • Rapid detection of unknown threats
  • Custom designed sensors, deployed worldwide
  • Attack feeds of all levels of sophistication within our customer population
  • Expert monitoring of known attacker sites and rooms, 24/7
  • Simple, straightforward reporting metrics

Threat Response

Gain Visibility Prior to Attacks.
Respond Before a Breach. Stay Secure.

Our team can assist in the identification and response of attacks before they happen.

Our elite advanced threat intelligence team reacts to security threats immediately and efficiently. We find hackers before they find you.

High-end analysis of suspicious behavioral patterns

Early-warning indicators specific to your industry vertical

Direct intelligence into adversaries and threats against your organization

Threat Watch

See Threats as They Happen

Access our proprietary portal to view major threats around the world. Think the simplicity of a news feed, with the sophistication of next-generation intel.

Threat Watch, designed by Binary Defense’s threat intelligence team, focuses on aggregating several sources to provide visibility into threats


Abnormal Behavior Detection
in the Enterprise

Most enterprises struggle with the ability to detect attack vectors that are designed to evade most enterprise defenses. The shifting tactics of the attackers are troublesome for most companies due to the nature of how the attacks work and the inability to change dynamically with the attack vectors.



We will protect you.