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Unmatched expertise combined with proven solutions for immediate visibility and instant protection.

Why Binary Defense

Your Security Solution: Anticipate and Stop Breaches

Gain exceptional protection and service.

Built from the minds of the industry’s top security researchers and continuously evolving to detect next-generation threats, Binary Defense is your company’s security solution. The Vision Platform and Managed Security Services provide immediate protection and enable your organization to stay ahead of even the most sophisticated hackers.

Minimize risks, benefit from immediate deployment, and gain instant visibility into threats to your enterprise.


We’re the Best for a Reason

You want the best in your corner. That’s why we have world-renowned experts on our team to ensure you stay secure.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Binary Defense, Dave Kennedy, created Binary Defense to transform the security industry for the better. Dave co-founded the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and has integrated this methodical approach into Binary Defense’s technology.

Simply put: Dave is one of the world’s leading security experts. With Dave at the helm and top-notch, well-seasoned security hunters filling out our ranks, it’s no wonder you’ll gain a wealth of institutional knowledge and a true ally.


Combat Breach Attempts
through the Entire Attack Lifecycle

Gain immediate visibility and protection at every level of your business.

Hackers are smart. Their evolving tactics are designed to breach your system and find any and all vulnerabilities you may have. But we’re smarter. Our dynamic, behavioral-based detection platform find your adversaries before they inflict damage.

We provide offensive and defensive security solutions so that any abnormality, no matter how small, is identified and monitored. We understand the hacker mentality and know that their methods are always evolving. That’s how Binary Defense backs your business with the best of breed detection.


Identify and Prevent Breaches 24/7/365

Capable, talented, and ready to have your back from day one.

Our team of industry experts provide top-notch field knowledge and around-the-clock expertise against any type of potential breach–from the common to the highly sophisticated. They will immediately investigate any abnormality, respond to an active threat, and minimize the damage to your business. We are a fully-staffed Security Operations Center that can handle any incident as it happens in real time.

We will be your partner in every sense of the word. Talk to a person, not a recording, any time, day or night.


Full-Scale Defense across Your
Entire Digital Business

Gain control of your security — and your business — at every point.

Our non-intrusive, background-centric agent focuses on attacker detection. Vision can detect lateral movement, golden tickets, pass the hash, command and control (C2), compromise behavior, and more. Within minutes of deployment, our cloud-based platform provides you immediate visibility and enhanced security.

Binary Defense provides quality alarm data, takes affected systems offline when needed, and always customizes your security solutions. Reduce the noise and focus on what matters — your business — and leave the hackers to us, the best of breed detection.


Real-Time Protection
and Remediation

Immediate protection and best-in-class response time.

Vision deploys in minutes to Windows, Linux, and Mac, which means you are instantly protected. Protection is based on behavioral and anomaly detection coupled with application whitelisting. Ease of installation, baselining, and deployment makes Vision the premier protection solution to deploy and deliver immediate protection.

That means you will receive exceptionally comprehensive protection, detection, analysis, and response in real time.


Early Warning
Indicators Stop Breaches

Our threat intelligence proactively analyzes potential threats 24/7/365.

Binary Defense is the only security firm capable of deploying selective honeypots globally both into our customer population and into the attacking community. We can lure hackers in from across the world and immobilize them prior to impacting your organization.

Combining this early warning indication system and Artillery Threat Intelligence Feed with a team of security experts, provides the ultimate end-to-end security solution.


Abnormal Behavior Detection
in the Enterprise

Most enterprises struggle with the ability to detect attack vectors that are designed to evade most enterprise defenses. The shifting tactics of the attackers are troublesome for most companies due to the nature of how the attacks work and the inability to change dynamically with the attack vectors.



We will protect you.