Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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Deconstructing the Detection Query Conundrum

About the Webinar:

Join Jonny Johnson and Andrew Schwartz on Tuesday, December 19 at 1 PM ET for an engaging roundtable discussion on the Detection Query Conundrum. They’ll be breaking down:

  • Detection Strategies (Precise to Behavioral)
  • When to leverage a certain detection strategy
  • How to achieve effective behavioral detections
  • Where does Threat Hunting fit in
  • Ideal Detection Inputs and Outputs

About the Panelists:

Jonny Johnson

Jonny is a security enthusiast who loves spending time with all things related to Windows Internals, reverse engineering, and data analysis. Jonny applies threat research and low-level knowledge to defensive capabilities, arming defenders with the information and tools needed to cover defensive gaps. Jonny loves to share his actionable findings in blogs and is committed to helping defenders be effective, independent, and efficient.

Andrew Schwartz

Andrew is energetic and driven, with strong technical knowledge and experience in defensive and offensive security, vulnerability management, and the development of transformational strategies, which help clients enhance their security postures to detect and stop adversaries.

Andrew’s love for the InfoSec industry is demonstrated by his eagerness to constantly grow and educate himself. Whether it’s reading a book, following a blog, keeping up to date on Twitter, taking a training course, or connecting with colleagues in the community, he makes sure to stay on top of the latest tools, threats, and research.