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Binary Defense in Gartner EDR Market Guide

Binary Defense is proud to be included in Gartner’s most recent Market Guide for Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions.

As part of their dedication to supporting organizations with the latest and greatest in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), the Binary Defense team has worked with leading technology research firm, Gartner, to be included in their most recent market guide for these solutions.


Key points from the report include defining EDR, its significance, and how such services differ from other forms of network and cybersecurity. The guide also discusses the importance of EDR infrastructure requirements, architectural design and detection methods. The ways EDR/MDR providers handle each of these differ as well as methods for investigation, containment and remediation.

When it comes to selecting an EDR, it is imperative to understand how the software and the team supporting it will integrate with an organization’s infrastructure. It’s also important to understand where data will be stored–locally or in the cloud–and if the solution will meet regulatory/compliance requirements.

Binary Defense Vision is a powerful EDR solution with advanced MDR capabilities from their own intelligent Security Operations Center (SOC). One of the things that sets Vision apart from other EDR offerings is that its design and updates are driven by one of the top white hat hackers in the world, Binary Defense’s founder, David Kennedy. This means that the software and practices are being developed from both a blue team and a red team perspective and constantly being improved in order to stay up to date with the latest threats in the cyber landscape.

The EDR solution from Binary Defense also includes deception technology, which Gartner considers an “advanced capability designed for dedicated SOC buyers.” Deception methods help protect firms’ intellectual property by creating false honeypots to lure attackers, both distracting them from their intended target and announcing themselves to security analysts.


Beyond that, the Binary Defense team that works to develop and support Vision is comprised of individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds including security in both the government and private sectors. Those same team members have an average of more than 10 years in the field, so research, threat intelligence, detection, and remediation are being handled by expertly skilled men and women.

For more information on how Binary Defense can help you improve your security posture with EDR, MDR, SOC, or threat intelligence, please contact us today.